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The Importance of Maintaining Your Parking Lot

The most common queries that paving companies receive often have to do with the importance of asphalt repair. If a parking lot makes up part of your commercial property, it’s essential to understand the requirement for ongoing asphalt maintenance. Keeping up with maintenance and paving repairs can provide many benefits for both your company and your customers.

Preserving Aesthetics

Asphalt sealer in Pittsburgh, PA, can be effectively used to maintain the visual appearance of your parking lot. Compared to a parking lot that has been left to degrade, applying asphalt sealer can make a drastic difference in the professional impression made by your property. When your parking lot is smooth, dark, and free from holes, cracks, and loose gravel, it helps make your whole property appear more polished and impressive for your clients and customers. Also, it’s much easier to keep an even lot free of unattractive dirt, gravel, and debris.

Reducing Liability

Looks are important, but keeping your parking lot safe should be the largest motivation for investing in maintenance and asphalt sealer. If your parking lot is riddled with cracks and holes, there’s a higher risk that an accident may occur, and potentially leave someone injured. To reduce your risk of being held responsible for these unfortunate incidents, it’s important to maintain asphalt repairs such as crack filling, patching, and pothole filling.

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Slurry Seals vs. Microsurfacing – What’s the Difference?

Microsurfacing is rather similar to slurry seal. The process consists of applying a mixture of asphalt, water, emulsion, aggregate, and chemical additives to an existing asphalt concrete pavement surface. A polymer is typically added to the asphalt emulsion to provide better mixture properties.

Paving contractors in Pittsburgh, PA, will tell you that the biggest difference between a slurry seal and microsurfacing is in how they harden or “break.” Slurry relies on water evaporating from the asphalt emulsion. Microsurfacing doesn’t need evaporation. The asphalt emulsion used in microsurfacing contains chemicals that allow it to break without relying on the sun or heat to cause evaporation. Microsurfacing, therefore, hardens quicker than slurry seals and can be used when weather conditions do not allow the slurry seal to be successfully placed. Shady streets or those that have lots of traffic are great candidates for microsurfacing.

When undertaken by paving contractors, these methods consume less binder and aggregate than the traditional mill-and-fill process. Therefore, waste, emissions, and greenhouse gases are reduced, as there is no need to demolish, haul, and dispose of the old pavement. And because it is not necessary to establish a nearby aggregate source or hot-mix asphalt plant, it means that dust from crushing and screening, emissions, and energy needs are greatly reduced. Roads are also drivable within a short period after these two treatments have been applied, reducing traffic delays.

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How to Estimate What Size Parking Lot You Will Need

Parking lots are an essential component of many commercial and industrial centers. How big should your parking lot be? There are many factors that come into play when planning your new lot. Here are a few tips about the subject from paving contractors in Pittsburgh, PA.

First, you need to determine how many parking spaces you will need for your facility. Are you planning a shopping center for many businesses, or are you building a single location? This step will require you to anticipate how many visitors your location will have over a day. Some municipalities might have codes set in place to define the minimum amount of spaces a commercial site requires. Check with your local officials to see if such requirements exist.

After determining the number of spaces for your proposed lot, define the land area that is required per parking space. Pavement professionals recommend reserving 300 to 350 sq. ft. per stall, which takes into account space for driving lanes. Multiply the land area per stall by the number of parking spaces you need. The product of this equation will estimate the total land area you need for the lot.

How much total space you will need for a new parking lot will also be influenced by other factors, such as the physical characteristics of your construction site, proposed landscaping elements, and municipal codes or regulations. When planning your next construction project, be sure to get professional insight from a paving contractor.

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How Often Does Asphalt Need to Be Resurfaced?

Asphalt is a fixture of our modern life. Whether for roads, parking lots, or driveways, this pavement feature has always been there for motorists. Like many things, your asphalt surface will require some care and attention from time to time. Today, we’ll talk about asphalt resurfacing in Pittsburgh, PA, and when it should be resurfaced.

As its name suggests, resurfacing is the process of removing the top layer of asphalt from pavement and replacing it with a new coat. Resurfacing is a form of maintenance and light repair. First, it gives the pavement a refreshed look. More importantly, it fills up small cracks and imperfections in your pavement, extending its service life in the process.

How often should this be done? Many pavement contractors recommend asphalt resurfacing on installations that are less than 20 years old–any older than that, and you’ll need to seriously consider new pavement.

Otherwise, resurfacing is very much on an as-needed basis. The biggest telltale signs are when you see cracks on your road, driveway, or parking lot. If they are less than a quarter-inch wide and fairly shallow, resurfacing is your best bet to correcting them.

Of course, resurfacing won’t do much good if your pavement is in poor condition. If most of your installation is riddled with cracks and potholes, then new asphalt installation is a more worthwhile investment. When deciding on asphalt maintenance methods, it helps to get a second opinion from a pavement contractor.




About the Sealcoating Process

If you own a business with an asphalt parking lot, you should consider the advantage of calling a professional to apply sealcoating. While asphalt is known for its durability, protecting your pavement with seal coating helps you get the most out of your investment. At Peter J. Caruso & Sons, Inc., we provide asphalt sealer in Pittsburgh, PA, and the surrounding areas. Besides prolonging the life of your pavement, sealcoating:

  • Prevents Cracking, Fading, and Potholes
  • Reduces Repair Costs over Time
  • Enhances the Appearance of Your Pavement
  • Prevents Water Penetration
  • Protects against U.V. Rays, Oil, Chemicals, and Oxidation

Our experienced team takes a methodical approach to sealcoating to ensure optimal results. Typically, our process involves:

Assessing Your Pavement – We check for any damage that may require repair before we apply sealer.

Performing Necessary Repairs – If we find potholes or cracks, we fill them so that you have an even, smooth surface.

Cleaning the Pavement – We brush and power wash the surface to remove all dirt, oil, and debris so the sealer can bond properly.

Applying the Sealcoating – For first-time sealcoating, we usually apply two coats; if this is maintenance work, you may only need one.

New pavements probably won’t need sealcoating for a year or two. After the first application of sealer, reapplying every two to three years will ensure the maximum lifespan for your parking lot. Our company is happy to take your call if you’d like to learn more about sealcoating or request service.



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Save Money with Parking Lot Sealcoating

A business parking lot is one of the first things customers will see when they visit an establishment. Understandably, it wouldn’t be favorable to the business if the patrons’ first impression was to be filled with cracks and signs of deterioration. Local proprietors don’t have to spend fortunes repaving their parking lots to get the look they long for when Peter J. Caruso & Sons, Inc. has a much more affordable, functional solution. Invest in professional sealcoating in Pittsburgh, PA, to preserve the look of the property before it begins to show signs of wear.

As one of Pittsburgh’s most preferred paving companies, we’re capable of describing many of the benefits of choosing to coat your parking lot. Sealcoating is a sensible property investment because it:

Increases Pavement Life: A well-executed seal can potentially double the life of your asphalt. Our experts recommend having your paving coated every 2 years.

Saves Businesses Money: A protective coat can protect your parking lot from the weathering elements for a fraction of the cost of new asphalt.

Helps Prevent Water Seepage: Water is one of asphalt’s biggest enemies. Asphalt is porous, meaning water can seep through any cracks and disturb it. A protective coat, however, has water-repelling properties that can help prevent this from happening.

Improves Aesthetic Value: The rich, black finish of sealcoat can enhance the look of any property.

When you’re ready to give your parking lot the look and protection it needs, call Peter J. Caruso & Sons, Inc. to experience the beautifying effect of sealcoat for yourself.

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Get Your Parking Lot Paved for Spring

Once the harsh cold of winter passes, the time is right to take care of any repaving or maintenance your business’s parking lot may need. Spring is the perfect season for new asphalt paving in Pennsylvania, and at Peter J. Caruso & Sons, Inc., we have decades of experience keeping commercial customers’ parking lots in top shape.

Winter is hard on pavements. Though asphalt is a preferred material because of its durability, moisture and freeze/thaw cycles are stressors that certainly take a toll. After a few winters, your parking lot will likely need some repairs or repaving. In spring, the temperatures are ideal for applying fresh asphalt.

When you repave your parking lot, you are also presenting a positive image to your customers. An attractive, new pavement is an appealing improvement, and it’s a nice reflection of the rejuvenation of springtime.

If your parking lot doesn’t need a full repaving, you may also want to consider sealcoating it at the time of the repairs. With sealcoating, your pavement gets an extra layer of protection that fortifies it against the elements.

Peter J. Caruso & Sons, Inc. is happy to take your calls if you have any questions or would like to schedule a paving service. Spring is the season for freshening things up, and there’s no better place to start than on what makes the first impression on your customers: your parking lot.

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However, having the pavement resurfaced can beautify the property and allows property owners to move forward with attractive, well-defined parking spaces and other concrete features. Paving contractors have the experiences, resources, and skills needed to restore and transform the ground surrounding a commercial establishment.

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