asphalt resealing

How Often Does Asphalt Need to Be Resurfaced?

Asphalt is a fixture of our modern life. Whether for roads, parking lots, or driveways, this pavement feature has always been there for motorists. Like many things, your asphalt surface will require some care and attention from time to time. Today, we’ll talk about asphalt resurfacing in Pittsburgh, PA, and when it should be resurfaced.

As its name suggests, resurfacing is the process of removing the top layer of asphalt from pavement and replacing it with a new coat. Resurfacing is a form of maintenance and light repair. First, it gives the pavement a refreshed look. More importantly, it fills up small cracks and imperfections in your pavement, extending its service life in the process.

How often should this be done? Many pavement contractors recommend asphalt resurfacing on installations that are less than 20 years old–any older than that, and you’ll need to seriously consider new pavement.

Otherwise, resurfacing is very much on an as-needed basis. The biggest telltale signs are when you see cracks on your road, driveway, or parking lot. If they are less than a quarter-inch wide and fairly shallow, resurfacing is your best bet to correcting them.

Of course, resurfacing won’t do much good if your pavement is in poor condition. If most of your installation is riddled with cracks and potholes, then new asphalt installation is a more worthwhile investment. When deciding on asphalt maintenance methods, it helps to get a second opinion from a pavement contractor.