patched paving

Identifying Pavement Issues

Pavement undergoes a lot of wear and tear from traffic and weather elements. It’s likely no surprise to you that it can become damaged in a wide range of ways. While some issues are easy to correct, new asphalt paving in Pittsburgh, PA, may be the more cost-effective option for serious damage. Here are some of the problems to watch for:

Cracking: Asphalt cracks in many different ways. Some cracks can be fixed with simple solutions, while others demand more extensive repairs. Talk to an expert for advice on how to handle your cracks.

Corrugations: If you see a lump in your pavement, it may be a corrugation caused by faulty installation. These typically appear a few years after the asphalt paving is done.

Grade Depressions: Have some sections of your pavement settled lower than the surrounding areas? Those are called grade depressions. They are most noticeable after rainfall because puddles form in the depressions.

Potholes: These are one of the most familiar and most aggravating pavement problems. They typically occur when other minor issues have gone unaddressed, so keep up with your maintenance to avoid them.

Swelling: Asphalt paving is typically performed on top of soil. This soil can expand and contract due to moisture and temperature changes, causing the pavement on top to buckle and swell.