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Preventative Maintenance Tips for Your Parking Lot

All business owners understand the importance of a good first impression. And what’s the first thing that potential customers see about your business? That’s right: your parking lot. Maintaining a safe and inviting parking lot is an essential part of attracting business. Here, we’ll provide you with a few preventative maintenance tips to maximize the lifespan of your asphalt paving in Pittsburgh, PA.

Drainage — Whether it’s heavy rain or lingering snow, any moisture on your asphalt surfaces can lead to cracking, crumbling, and potholes. Make sure to have the professionals install drainage systems at the same time as your asphalt paving. After the initial installation, make a habit of cleaning and removing debris from your drains regularly. This will prevent pooling, water run-off, and erosion.

Landscaping — The right landscaping choices can make all the difference. Be sure that you routinely remove any roots, weeds, or grass that is encroaching on your parking lot. Planting trees is also a great way to provide your lot with some valuable shade from the harsh sun.

Sealcoating — This is the key to preventing unsightly and dangerous cracks. Regular sealcoating stops dirt, moisture, and chemicals from penetrating the surface of your asphalt paving.

Cleaning — Finally, don’t be afraid to get out there with a broom and power washer, especially to remove any oil or chemicals that may have leaked from a vehicle. These chemicals can quickly deteriorate the asphalt, so don’t let them sit for too long.