How Winter Weather Creates a Need for Asphalt Repair in Pittsburgh, PA

Winter is not a friend of pavement parking lots and driveways and walkways. It’s a brutal and unforgiving visitor that wreaks havoc every year. The proof of this is apparent every time your vehicle pounds through a cavernous pothole while you are looking for a parking space or whenever your car lurches across some cracks in the roadway. These are the unavoidable calling cards left every spring by Mother Nature as proof of the power of winter.

Even the most stoutly laid pavement will eventually need asphalt repair in Pittsburgh, PA. The harshness of frost and the freezing temperatures of winter, combined with the corrosiveness of road salt and the wear of snowplows all add up quickly.

A small crack, which can be created by the freezing and thawing that sometimes happens during winter, will quickly spread and become a major parking lot chasm. If that fissure isn’t fixed, eventually, you’re going to be dealing with a surface that begins to break into chunks that cause major potholes. Undertaking asphalt repairs as soon as possible eliminates all these problems.

Winter maintenance is a necessity in our area. It’s a fact of life because you can’t leave ice and snow to build up. It wouldn’t be safe or convenient. We need plows and salt and sand to combat the effects of the season.

As a result, we also need asphalt repairs to combat the effects of winter parking lot and roadway maintenance. Plows are heavy, and they scrape, scratch, and gouge asphalt as they are removing snow. Salt and sand have abrasive effects on pavement and wears it down over time. This is a vicious cycle that’s unavoidable.

Repair work, such as micro-surfacing, is an option that’s much cheaper than complete asphalt replacement. You can’t control the weather, but you can control the impact it has.