Leave It To The Expert Excavation Contractors in Pittsburgh, PA

When you need excavation for a commercial property, Peter J. Caruso & Sons, Inc. has the team to get the job done. As leading excavation contractors in Pittsburgh, PA, they are familiar with the importance of creating the best foundations for future building projects and construction sites. No matter how large or small the project is, you can rely on a company with the right tools and equipment for the best results. To summarize, a company hired for excavation is responsible for trenching, digging, dredging, and site development. They lay down the groundwork for different types of construction or developmental projects.

The Excavation Process

Naturally, there are many things to consider when taking on an excavation project. With all the pipes, sewage lines, and in some cases, electrical lines, it takes a highly experienced and skilled team of excavation contractors to do the job correctly. The last thing anyone wants is to interfere with an important pipe that could damage not only the property itself but the surrounding buildings that may be sharing the system. Some of the main steps of the process include:

  1. Drawings Required for Excavation
    1. Center Line Drawing or Grid Line Drawing
    2. Excavation Drawing
  2. Scope of the Work for Excavation
  3. Working Procedure of Excavation
  4. Removal of Excess Soil
  5. Quality Checks for Excavation
  6. Quality Checks for Filling

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