Reasons Your Parking Lot is Falling Apart – Advice from Paving Contractors in Pittsburgh, PA

The pavement is an essential aspect of any home or business because it gives customers and visitors a place to park comfortably. Despite its important role, pavement maintenance is often overlooked and can lead to deterioration and damage to the pavement. The last thing you want is potholes forming on your driveway or in the parking area of your plaza. If you’re looking to avoid disaster, then look no further then Peter J. Caruso & Sons, Inc. As professional paving contractors in Pittsburgh, PA, we can not only install the best quality pavement but also help you repair any damage already done.

What causes asphalt pavement damage?

To effectively prevent any detriment to the paving, look at the materials. Asphalt is the primary material used for pavements, but unfortunately, it does go bad fast without proper maintenance. The leading causes of asphalt paving damage are:

  • Lack of Preventative Maintenance
  • Poor Construction/Design
  • Insufficient Drainage
  • Weather-Related Issues
  • UV Rays
  • Excessive Sprinkling
  • Salt or Other Dirt/Debris
  • Oil Spots
  • Snow Plow Damage

The wear-and-tear from the outdoors is often not noticed until the damage is severe. That’s why hiring professional pavement contractors to help you make repairs or replace the pavement can be a huge help. Our team will let you know how often to call for maintenance, and what specific issues may be harming your pavement most. In Pennsylvania, winter weather is often the biggest cause of pavement damage. Making sure your parking lot is in good shape in the fall, and following it up with maintenance in the spring can go a long way toward keeping your parking lot safe for customers. Contacting us will provide you with the best results and the most precise understanding of your parking lot or driveway areas.