The Importance of Asphalt Sealer in Pittsburgh, PA

Making a great parking lot is often an underappreciated art. When owning one is part of your business, making the most of the surface is an important part of your bottom line. A lot that needs constant upkeep or gives customers a bad first impression can be a real drain on your finances, while the ideal blacktop sets the right tone for a good relationship with visitors.

So, what does that have to do with your asphalt sealer in Pittsburgh, PA? It’s simple: sealcoating is a key part of preserving your parking lot. It has a wide range of benefits and makes an easy way to save if you have the right pavement contractor for the job.

Versatile Protection

An asphalt sealer or sealcoat is pretty much what it sounds like. It uses a layer of protective material to protect the paving work from wear and tear. Danger can come from many sources, so your protection needs to stand up to challenges like:

  • UV Rays
  • Vehicle and Foot Traffic
  • Temperature Changes
  • Rain and Ice

When applied properly, your asphalt sealer fends off potential damage, which drastically reduces long-term repair costs and keeps your lot looking and performing its best. There are three main reasons why this matters.

Savings — The first benefit is obvious. You keep more money for other projects or greater profits. That’s something any business owner can appreciate.

Aesthetics — Your parking lot is the first thing many people see. A well-maintained surface might go unnoticed, but a damaged or worn one does get noticed and gives the wrong idea about your priorities.

Safety — In addition to looking less than ideal, damaged lots are more prone to potholes and other issues that could cause car damage or injury. Avoid accidents and potential liability with a well-applied sealcoat.