Walking Through the Process of Applying Asphalt Sealer in Pittsburgh, PA

As asphalt ages, it can begin to deteriorate and break down. That’s why it’s essential to use asphalt sealer in Pittsburgh, PA, to ensure your surface lasts for years to come. Without sealing, the pavement becomes weak and more susceptible to damage. If you maintain a facility that has a parking lot, this can become an even bigger issue since the concrete experiences less traffic compared to highways.

How Sealing Works

The best way to preserve asphalt is through sealing. This process ensures the surface is durable and continues to stand the test of time. Sealcoating begins by cleaning the pavement of dirt and debris so that the procedure can go as smoothly as possible. Once that’s done, cracks need to be filled in with rubberized hot tar and Black Beauty sand so that the sealant and the asphalt are cohesive. This also presents an opportunity to fill in potholes and cover any spots where chicken wire is exposed.

Finally, the seal coating is applied by brush. The solution is typically mixed from various rubberized epoxies and sand, which gives the pavement a smooth, yet flexible surface with plenty of traction. The flexible asphalt sealer adds durability to any road and leaves behind a beautiful black color. From there, the surface must be left untouched for at least 48 hours so that the sealant can dry.

Finding the Right Service

If you’re ready to upgrade your parking lot, the first step is to find a reliable company that can perform the process. Peter J. Caruso & Sons, Inc. is known locally as the primary resource for quick and efficient asphalt sealer work. Our team has the knowledge and expertise necessary to handle your sealing needs. We maintain a reputation for unparalleled service, so you can feel confident that we are the most qualified team available.