Asphalt Repair in Pittsburgh, PA

While asphalt paving is an excellent choice for many pavement applications, it does require periodic maintenance and asphalt repair in Pittsburgh, PA, to ensure everything continues to work as it should. Proper and timely maintenance assures that your asphalt paving is safe for motorists as well as pedestrians and it helps to provide curb appeal and, most importantly, has a longer lifespan.

The team at Peter J. Caruso & Sons, Inc. is ready to help you evaluate your paving situation and develop an appropriate maintenance plan to help you maintain or enhance your asphalt surface. Our plan can include everything from seal coating and crack sealing to line striping services to ensure you get the results you are after.

Your asphalt paving, as time goes on, will move through phases from light maintenance to repair and, eventually, to re-surfacing or replacement. Re-surfacing or reconstruction can be expensive and evaluating proposals can be confusing. Luckily, our team is there to assist you by:

  • Providing Proposals That Are Clearly Defined & Always Done to Offer a Quality Project
  • Not Recommending Compromised Constructions
  • Not Engaging in the Practices of Low-Balling with the Intent of Using Subpar Materials or Cutting Corners

Crack Sealing & Patching Your Asphalt Surface

All asphalt endures damage from salt, water, freeze and thaw cycles, sun damage, and general wear. Typical asphalt repairs and maintenance usually include sealing cracks with liquid asphalt to control water penetration, filling potholes with hot patch materials, and coating the pavement with a sealer or an application of Slurry Seal. These services can usually be completed with minimal disruption to your business.

Additionally, there are several methods used to patch pavement failures. All of the methods should include sealing the edges with hot liquid asphalt when complete. Some of the best methods to use, listed from the most expensive to the least expensive, include:

  • Saw Cut, Removal, & Full Depth Replacement, including Subbase Material
  • Saw Cut, & Removal of the Asphalt Layers, Re-Compacting the Existing Subbase Material & Patching with Both New Base & Wearing Coarse Asphalt
  • Grinding Off the Existing Wearing Coarse & Filling with New Wearing Coarse over a Tack Coat Bonding Material
  • Overlay Patching on Top of the Existing Asphalt Surface
  • Filling the Pot Hole Only After Cleaning Out Any Loose Material

Pavement Seal Coating Services

After installing pavement sealers for more than 35 years, the seal coating team at our company has experience working on all types of projects. Pavement sealing is usually recommended for any pavement that is at least one year old. The sealing can then be performed every couple of years to ensure the best results. Why so important to seal your pavement? It is because they provide a level of protection for the surface that helps to prevent drying out or oxidization from the elements. It should be noted, however, that sealers will not fill cracks of any size or hold any loose areas together.

Pavement sealers do provide a nice, black uniform surface for your road. This helps to extend the life of your pavement while also providing your property with a boost in its curb appeal. We recommend using an asphalt-based sealer or a blended sealer, which is a mixture of asphalt-based materials and coal tar materials, for your project. We do not, however, recommend a coal tar sealer due to the strength of the chemicals in the material.

Contact us for more information about maintaining your asphalt surfaces throughout the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area.