parking lot

What You Should Know About Parking Lot Installation

Parking lots are vital for businesses, but it’s important to do your research before leaping into installation. Here is some advice from an experienced asphalt sealer in Pittsburgh, PA, on what you should know before getting started.

Do Your Research on Installers

While installing a parking lot may appear to be a simple process, there is a lot of room for error. Research the companies in your area thoroughly before hiring anyone. You need an experienced asphalt paving company to do the work to ensure your surface will last. Find a team that has successfully completed many projects like yours and is happy to showcase their past work to you.

Learn About the Importance of the Sub-Base

Any asphalt sealer will tell you that a parking lot needs a good foundation – or what we call a sub-base. If the sub-base isn’t adequate, the entire surface will suffer sooner or later. As you research possible installer, be sure to inquire about the precautions they take while preparing and installing the sub-base.

Discover How “Green” Asphalt Can Be

Believe it or not, asphalt is one of the most recycled products in the United States. That means you can feel good about your environmental impact when you have your parking lot installed. You can even make the project more eco-friendly by choosing a porous or permeable style of asphalt that filters toxins out of water and allows it to flow back into the ground safely as nature intended. Talk to an asphalt sealer and installer to learn more.